Wrocław 2019

32nd ESVN-ECVN Symposium. 13-14 September 2019 Wroclaw Poland


Wrocław, 1st February 2019


Dear Friends, Colleagues and Symposium Delegates 2019,


On behalf of the local organizing committee it is a great pleasure for me to invite you for the 32st ECVN-ESVN Annual Symposium. This time it takes place in a in the Central Europe multicultural city, Wrocław in Poland on the 13-14 September 2019.


This year topic is: “Can you imagine -in that? – Veterinary Neuroimaging”.


The topic embraces both main neuroimaging techniques; computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, putting them in to the highest standard that could be used for our patients. The program is prepared to satisfy every-day practitioners (during the residents day), but also ascend us, veterinary neurologists, to the higher imaging level, beyond our imagination and imaging possibilities - Can you imagine that?


The Residents Day takes place on the 12th September in the Wrocław ZOO, Afrykarium – with the lectures led by the veterinary radiologists and neurologist, covering the interactive topics of basic and extended MRI imaging by Dr. Ines Carrera (Willows Veterinary Centre, UK) and Computed Tomography imaging by Dr. Tobias Schwarz (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, UK), as far as visual system imaging with its clinical use by Dr. Elsa Beltran (The Royal Veterinary College, UK). The Residents Day is finishing at 16.30, as you have to be ready for the Symposium opening.


We invite you for the official 32th ECVN-ESVN Symposium Opening in to the Wrocław City Hall (gothic, 13th century), after that we have prepared for you a short trip around the Old City area with some polish specialties degustation, that will finish at the Jazz club “Vertigo”, ideal place for neuronal networking.


The main symposium Venue is going to be held in a wonderful, inspiring environment of the City Opera (classical, build 1841) on the 13-14th September 2019.


It is our great pleasure to announce our keynote speakers on the 32th Symposium: veterinary radiologists – Dr. Ines Carrera (Willows Veterinary Centre, UK), that will enrich us for knowledge in high-field MRI (1.5T vs. 3T) and MR spectroscopy use, and Dr. Tobias Schwarz (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, UK), that will provide the newest possibilities and optimization of the imaging with a use of computed tomography (CT). We will have an occasion to hear also human radiologists with their stunning research results; Prof. Anna Zimny (Wroclaw Medical University Hospital, Poland) speaking about the use of multiparametric perfusion and diffusion MR imaging in CNS tumors, a non-invasive, in vivo differentiation, and Dr. Tomasz Wolak (Bioimaging Research Center Kajetany, Poland), talking about functional MRI (fMRI) study on the central auditory system, with its marvelous functional imaging and differentiation of various cortical regions responsible for auditory stimuli acquisition. One of our key speakers is our noble colleague, a veterinary neurologists - Prof. Veronika Stein (Bern, Switzerland), shearing with her experience within a diffusion tensor imaging (MR-DTI) of the dogs with spinal cord trauma.


Like on an every ESVN Meeting, very important part are multiple short research presentations, posters session and great time in expanding your knowledge, personal skills but also networking. Therefore after all heartrending lectures, there will be an occasion again to socialize during the Gala Dinner at Topacz Castle, where apart from the very good local food and beverages, there will be an occasion to hear some music but also, for the interested ones, to visit an old-cars museum.


We encourage all delegates to register early! It will be cheaper for you and much easier for the organizers to plan the meeting details.


One again we invite you to the 32th ESVN Symposium in Wroclaw, a charming, multicultural and historically very interesting city – a place where neurology was developing, including work of Max Bielschowsky (Bielschowsky stain), Albert Ludwig Sigismund Neisser (Neisseria meningitis) but also Jan Evangelista Purkyně (Purynie cells). We hope you will feel their inspiring influence as it inspires us!


For contact & questions regarding our congress please contact me directly: marcin.wrzosek@upwr.edu.pl, phone +48 607 161 202.


On behalf of the ESVN/ECVN & Local Organizing Committee

Marcin Wrzosek

DVM, PhD hab., dipl ECVN Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Marcin Wrzosek


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