Event, 16/01/2023

Neurology I and Neurology II 2023 - ESAVS courses

Neurology I - a residential course taking place in Berne, Switzerland in January 2023 /// Neurology II - an online event as a follow-up course

Neurology I, Berne / Switzerland, 16-20 January 2023
Overview: This course focuses on the principles of the neurological examination and aims to refresh knowledge of the relevant fundamentals of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and pathophysiology of the central and peripheral nervous system. In the practical case-based sessions the attendants have intensive training to define the neuroanatomical lesion localization and learn about common neurological diseases seen in private practice.

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Neurology II, Online, 13-19 February 2023
Topic: Spinal and peripheral nervous system diseases
Overview: This course is designed for those who have already attended the course Neurology I and feel comfortable with defining the neuroanatomical localization. The course Neurology II offers the possibility to broaden the knowledge and level of competency in neurology and aims to provide a logical step-wise approach to the most common diseases particularly of the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. The morning sessions will include lectures/presentations on various topics such as intervertebral disk disease, AA-instability and Wobbler, degenerative and inflammatory spinal diseases, CSF and imaging diagnostics in spinal diseases, electrodiagnostics, polyneuropathies and myopathies as well as the therapy of the diseases. The course will be held fully online via zoom.

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