Event, 19/04/2021

Master’s degree in Companion Animal Neurology at the University of Copenhagen

Starting in November 2021

Modern companion animal veterinary practitioners are continuously met with higher demands and expectances to level of expertise, advanced diagnostic work-up, treatment strategies and specialised surgical procedures. The Master in Companion Animal Neurology is a postgraduate education targeted small animalveterinarians seeking Continual Professional Development (CPD).

The Companion Animal Neurology programme is a 2-year specialisation track consisting of 3 course modules and a Master's thesis. The programme has a strong focus on advancing the participants understanding of pathogenesis, diagnostic options, therapeutic possibilities and disease control with regard to conditions affecting the central and peripheral nervous system of companion animals.

The modules are each a 5 days on-site course at the University Hospital for Companion Animals, University of Copenhagen. The programme modules include theoretical lectures, case-based approaches and practical sessions applicable for implementation at specialised companion animal clinics.

Specialisation Course I: Applied Clinical Neurology: The neuroanatomical and clinical platform
Specialisation Course II: Advanced Diagnostic Clinical Neurology: The advanced diagnostic toolbox
Specialisation Course III: Neurosurgery (especially targeting spinal surgery) - Neuro-Ophthalmology

Practical sessions (wet labs) included in the clinical neurology Master’s programme are
  • Workshops on the clinical neurological examination and lesion localisation
  • Interpretation sessions and advanced workshops of neuroimaging including CT and MRI
  • Workshops on CSF collection and interpretation
  • Workshops on neuro-surgery of the spine

Specialisation course I: 15 - 19 November 2021 [week 46]
Specialisation course II: 19 - 23 April 2022 [week 16]
Specialisation course III: 14 - 18 November 2022 [week 46]

Course directors at the specialisation track in Companion Animal Neurology
Professor Mette Berendt, DVM, PhD, National Specialist Veterinary Neurology, Associate Memb ECVN
Associate Professor Hanne Gredal, DVM, PhD, National Specialist Veterinary Neurology

Entry fee for the education: For administration etc: 7.500,00 DKK
Module I and Module II: 31.500,00 DKK for each
Module III: 35.000,00 DKK

The Master thesis period including supervisor help, thesis evaluation and oral examination: 20.000,00 DKK
Coffee, refreshments and lunches are covered by the fee as well as coffee and breakfast in the mornings.
Furthermore, supervision on written tasks and examinations (running by the end of each module) are included.

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