Job Ad, 08/09/2020

Clinical and Research Position Available for a Neurologist in France (with 3T MRI)

Terms: Permanent contract, 4 days per week with 5 weeks of holiday and a generous CPD allowance. The position is available from January 2021.

Clinic Vétocéane, a purpose-built referral clinic located in Nantes(France) is installing the latest generation of 3T MRI Signa Pioneer General Electric (GE) on-site. This will be the first 3T MRI for veterinary use in Europe.

The 3T MRI has been adapted and optimised by Hawkcell company and General Electric physicists to meet the specific needs of veterinary patients. The sensors, acquisition protocols and algorithms have all been adapted for veterinary use:


Sensors are specific sensors developed by the Hawkcell company. They adapt to different animal morphologies and are used in conjunction with native MRI sensors to obtain a higher image quality;

the acquisition protocols have been completely rethought and optimized to allow functional, spectrometric and anatomical imaging at high spatial resolution without affecting image quality ;

the image processing algorithms are innovative and allow for quantification of various physiological parameters (metabolite concentration, tissue inflammation, fat quantity...)

These technological advances will open up opportunities for new diagnostic  and prognostic possibilities and subsequent surgical indications mainly in the fields of Neurology that until now had been inaccessible to pets and reserved for use in humans.


Clinic Vétocéane is a recently developed referral clinic located in Vertou, on the outskirts of Nantes* which brings together multiple disciplines : 12 veterinarians ( including 4 specialists (surgery-neurosurgery, internal medicine, dermatology, behaviour) and 1 experienced radiologist) and 11 nurses. The neurological case load is the main focus of the clinics referral service which already benefits from a regional reputation in neurological referrals.


Clinic Vétocéane has made a strategic decision to develop 2 specific lines of activity:

-        Medicine and surgery for small animal within the current referral framework

-        Research on pathologies common to both man and animals (epilepsy, vascular accidents, trauma, brain tumours…) in the context of its collaboration with human hospitals and research centres in the west of France. Several centres interested in this approach will join Vétocéane to collaborate on joint projects. Translational medicine will be at the heart of this work, making innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to animals before they are utilised in human medicine.

To accommodate this new venture, Clinic Vétocéane is extending the current premises (total surface area of 1200m2).


Clinic Vétocéane is seeking to recruit a boarded ECVN specialist (or board eligible)

The successful applicant will be keen to participate in research and development and enjoy working and sharing their knowledge with colleagues in human healthcare (researchers, hospital practitioners) and engineers.


The successful candidate will:

-develop and promote the referral neurology service

-Participate in various clinical and pre-clinical research projects in close collaboration with research centres in the west of France with a ‘OneHealth’ approach.

-Participate in the improvement of MRI sensors and the development of innovative sequences in collaboration with Hawkcell physicists

-Collaborate and participate with publications arising from this work


The schedule is flexible as you will work alongside another neurologist.

French language skills will be useful but are not essential


Terms: Permanent contract, 4 days per week with 5 weeks of holiday and a generous CPD allowance. The position is available from January 2021.


Please send your CV and cover letter to or Clinique Vétocéane, 9 Allée Alphonse Fillion, 44120 Vertou, France or call +33603563712